Bed and Breakfast: La Maison Rose à Olivet

General Conditions of the Bed and Breakfast La Maison Rose à Olivet (« General Conditions »),
Version 2.3 (applicable for all reservations becoming firm and affective from the 01st/12/2022 and onwards)

This English version of the General Conditions is issued for information purpose only with the intent to facilitate the understanding of the General Conditions for non french native Clients. The enforceable version of the General Conditions is the version 2.3 issued in French and available on website.

I) Reservation process:
Upon receipt of Your reservation request, We (also referred to in this document as « Us », « Our », « Mr. or Mrs. Zanandrea », « Owner », acting for and on behalf of « La Maison Rose ») send You (« Client », « Clients ») an email confirming the dates of availability as well as the amount of deposit required to make the reservation firm and effective.
Upon receipt of Your deposit in Our bank account, We will confirm to You by email that Your deposit has been received.
The reservation becomes firm and effective only after receipt of Your deposit for the agreed amount in Euros and with Our explicit written confirmation.

The payment of the deposit will preferably be made by bank transfer within 48 hours of confirmation of availability.
The amount received in Euros, net of bank charges and currency conversion, must be equal to the amount in Euros requested for the deposit.
The deposit may eventually be paid via Paypal with Our prior agreement.

Not having a bank terminal at home for credit cards, the payment of the due balance for the full stay will be made on arrival, in cash.
Please consider small bank notes.
Not keeping large amounts of cash, We cannot accept large notes of 100 euros or more.
Note: until the deposit is received and confirmed by La Maison Rose, the reservation stays under option (not effective) and the rooms remain available for reservation.

II) Stay sales and use of the premises during the stay:

Article 1 – Any modification of the stay (dates of nights reserved, number of Clients) is only possible with Our explicit agreement in writing and may result in additional costs.
Duration of stay: The Client may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 2 – The reservation becomes firm and effective only when the Client has sent the Owner a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the price of the whole stay (with a minimum of one night per room selected) and when the Owner has acknowledged by email to the Client the receipt of the right amount for the deposit.
The payment and the acceptance of the deposit constitute the force of a Contract (« Contract ») between You and Us, each party agreeing to respect the General Conditions of the Bed and Breakfast La Maison Rose à Olivet as described in this document.
Prices are inclusive of all charges (tourist tax included).

Article 3 – Cancellation by the Client:
Any cancellation must be notified by email addressed to the Owner.
a) Cancellation before the start of the stay:
- If the cancellation occurs 14 days or more before the start of the stay, the deposit will be returned.
- If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the start of the stay, the deposit remains with the Owner.
b) If the Client doesn’t appear or doesn’t give any sign before 7 p.m. on the day scheduled for the start of the stay, the Contract becomes void and the Owner may dispose of his guest rooms. The deposit remains with the Owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the accommodation for the whole stay.
c) In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of accommodation for the stay initially planned remains fully acquired by the Owner.

Article 4 – Cancellation by the Owner:
When before the begin of the stay, the Owner must cancel this stay, the Owner will inform the Client by email as soon as possible. The Client will then be reimbursed immediately for the value of the deposit paid.
During the stay, in the event the Client does not respect the General Conditions and in particular articles 9 and 10, the Owner may, without notice, immediately ends the stay and this without being liable to the Client for any refund, even partial, of the deposit or any compensation of any kind whatsoever.

Article 5 – Arrival:
The Client must arrive on the mentioned day and at the agreed time at the reservation.
In case of late or delayed arrival, the Client must contact the Owner to agree together on new possible arrival time for both parties.

Article 6 – Payment of the due balance:
The balance due for the whole stay is to be paid on arrival, in cash at the Owner.
Consumptions and additional services will be paid at the end of the stay, before departure and to the Owner.

Article 7 – In the event of loss of the entry kit consisting of the remote control of the lights and the keys, the set being specific to renew, You will be charged €130.00.

Article 8 – Tourist tax:
The tourist tax is a local tax that the Client must pay to the Owner who then transfers it to the Public Treasury.

Article 9 – Use of the premises:
The Client will respect the peaceful character of the premises and make use of it in accordance with their destination and this for the maximum number of Clients accepted at the reservation by the Owner.
The Client commits not to smoke in the premises and undertakes to return the rented premises in good condition, clean and without damage.
In the event of damage caused by the Client, these will be invoiced to the Client, who agrees to pay those charges before the end of the stay.

Article 10 – Capacity:
This Contract is established for each moment of the stay for a specific number of Clients confirmed with the reservation.
If at any time during the stay the number of people in the premises exceeds the agreed number of Clients confirmed, the Owner may refuse the additional people, Clients.
This refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or breach of the Contract at the initiative of the Owner, so that in the event of the departure of a number of Clients greater than the number of additional Clients, no refund can be considered.

Article 11 – Animals: The Owner refuses any kind of animals to stay within the premises.

Article 12 – Departure:
Departure will take place, at the latest, no later than 11:00 am on the agreed day of departure, with delivery to the Owner of the complete kit delivered on arrival as well as with the payment of additional costs if applicable.

Article 13 – Insurance: No insurance is included in Our prices, it is therefore recommended that the Client takes his own insurance.
For information, insurance taken out by La Maison Rose: Maif 33 Av Paris 4500 Orléans tel: +33238242020
In case of disputes, consumer mediator: Maif:

Article 14 – Liability:
La Maison Rose accepts no liability from any kind for loss, theft, damage to property or injury to persons that would occur on its premises.
La Maison Rose does everything possible to ensure that Your stay is confortable and pleasant but cannot be held responsible in the event of force majeure or sudden disruption of the supply of services outside its direct control, such as an interruption of supply of electricity, heating, water, toilets or wifi.
We would also like to draw Your attention that La Maison Rose is located on the banks of the Loiret river and is accessible via an outside stone staircase.
Children remain under the supervision and responsibility of their parents, Clients, and must therefore be supervised.
La Maison Rose can in no way be held responsible in the event of a possible problem.

Article 15 – Personal data and their processing:
The information collected by La Maison Rose in the context of the Client's reservation is intended for the strict needs of La Maison Rose for the execution of this reservation and for Your stay.
No personal data will be sold to third parties.
The Client may at any time exercise the rights available to him under the regulations on the protection of personal data.

Article 16 – Applicable General Conditions:
The General Conditions are governed by French law, without obstructing any mandatory protective provisions that may be applicable in the Client's country of residence.
La Maison Rose reserves the right to modify or supplement, at any time, all or part of these General Conditions.
In this case, the new version of the General Conditions will be available on the La Maison Rose website:
In any event, the Client and La Maison Rose are only bound by the published french version of the General Conditions in force at the time the reservation becomes firm and effective.

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